Koh Vinleon

Computer Science Student @ NUS


About Me

I am currently a Year 3 Computer Science student in National University of Singapore (NUS).

A tech enthusiast who loves developing solutions in order to improve different aspects of people’s lives.

Previously completed several internships and freelance projects that equipped with the relevant experiences and knowledge to work within client's expectations. I am consistently looking for new opportunities to deepen my IT knowledge and skills further.

Graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2017 with the Diploma with Merit in Business Informatics, awarded with the Calyon Creativity Award and Microsoft Award for Outstanding Project Work.

I represented Singapore in the Tertiary Student Category of Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) in 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Other notable accomplishments includes:

  • Gold Award in SiTF Awards 2016
  • Merit Award in 16th APICTA Awards
  • IT Youth Award 2017 Finalist
  • 1st Runner Up in Splash Awards 2016
  • 2nd Runner Up in Youth Entrepreneurs Competition 2016
  • 2016 CrowdSensor Smart Nation Competition’s winner


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Drink2Connect Singapore

Freelance Technical Consultant

Project: Drink2Connect e-Commerce and auction websites

Technologies Used: ASP.NET C# Web Forms, MySQL, Ionic 2 and Firebase

• The aim of this project was to develop an e-Commerce website according to the client's requirements for alcohol company Drink2Connect Singapore.

• Provided technical support to aid business operations.

Singapore Computer Society (SCS)

Freelance Web Developer

Project: SCS Skills Progression & Profiling Accelerator Portal (SPPA) (Pilot)

Technologies Used: AWS, React.js

The aim of this project is to equip IT professionals with easy access to SCS SPPA and empower them with a professional portfolio and skills profiling capabilities to easily identify skills gaps with recommendation on courses in support of their personal learning and career development.


Intern Web Developer

Worked on part of the Singapore Computer Society (SCS)'s website revamp.

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Full-time National Serviceman

• Served as a Signal Rebroadcast Dual Vocationalist Operator in the 10C4I Bn 'A' Coy, a high readiness core unit.
• Disrupted from service to pursue university studies from August 2019 to May 2020, resumed and completed my service from May 2020 to August 2020.


Temporary Customer Service Officer

Handled customers' queries and performed daily duties such as SIM card and set-top boxes replacement.


Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technical Officer

• iDesired is a 3D printing service start-up, established with Nanyang Polytechnic's help and was awarded the NYP- SPRING Small Project Funding with $10,000 start-up funds.
• Handled the business’s daily operation and developed e-Commerce and m-Commerce solutions.

EDF Lab Singapore

Intern Research Engineer

Worked on projects related to GIS Analytics, Mapping, and Modelling for Urban Planning of Singapore to aid HDB to better understand Singapore's living condition by using a virtualization platform developed by EDF.

Ceragem International Marketing Pte Ltd

Freelance Web Developer

Project: Ceragem Company Website

Technologies Used: ASP.NET C# Web Forms and MySQL

• The aim of this project was to develop a company website according to the client's requirements for healthcare company Ceragem Singapore.

• Provided technical support to aid business operations.

Beijing 101 Hair Consultant

Part-Time Roadshow Promoter

Leveraged strengths in persuasive communications and consultative sales to promote hair treatment packages to customers.


Temporary Software Tester

Responsible for handling printer debugging and testing tasks.

Quantium Solutions

Temporary Logistic Assistant

Responsible for handling primary logistic tasks such as sorting and parcel delivery.


National University of Singapore (NUS)

Aug 2019 - Present (Expected May 2022)

Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Jan 2021 - Present (Expected May 2021)

Singapore Universities Student Exchange Program (SUSEP)

Local Exchange AY20/21 Semester 2

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Apr 2014 - Mar 2017

Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit
CPGA 3.95


Co-Curricular Activities

Nanyang Polytechnic

Apr 2013 - Mar 2014

Polytechnic Foundation Programme

Pioneer batch of the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP), which is a one-year programme that offers a practice-oriented curriculum taught by polytechnic lecturers, to better prepare polytechnic-bound N(A) students for entry into the relevant Polytechnic Diploma courses.

Christ Church Secondary School

2009 - 2013

General Certificate of Education "N" Level (Normal Stream)
ELMAB3 - 9 points

Honours & Awards

Edusave Merit Bursary 2017

Aug 2017

Ministry of Education

Awarded to students who are within the top 25% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, have demonstrated good conduct.

Edusave Skills Award 2017

Aug 2017

Ministry of Education

Awarded to students in the graduating cohort of each course who have demonstrated excellent professional and soft skills throughout their course of study, based on their performance in curriculum components such as internships and Final Year Projects, and/or achievements in competitions, conferences or other platforms that require the application of course-specific skills, and good conduct.

Calyon Creativity Award

May 2017

Nanyang Polytechnic

Calyon Creativity Award is awarded for student who have demonstrated high level of creativity in the final semester project.

Microsoft Award for Outstanding Project Work

May 2017

Nanyang Polytechnic

Microsoft Award for Outstanding Project Work is awarded to student who have performed well for their semester projects.

STAR Awards 2017 (Innovation & Creativity)

Feb 2017

Nanyang Polytechnic

I achieved four awards under the same category, namely:

NYP Student Talent & Achievement Recognition (STAR) Awards was initiated in 2013 to acknowledge and recognise NYP students with special talent and passion in the non-academic areas (Arts & Culture, Community Service, Innovation & Creativity, Leadership, Sports & Adventure and Special Achievements) for their good performances and contributions in making our campus life more vibrant and lively.

Directors' List

2014 - 2017

Nanyang Polytechnic

Top 15% of cohort in semester GPA - awarded in every semester of my studies in NYP.

Edusave Scholarship 2012


Ministry of Education

Awarded to student who are within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, and have demonstrated good conduct.

1st in Principles of Accounts


Christ Church Secondary School

1st in Principles of Accounts Secondary Four Normal (Academic)

Outstanding Performance in General Certification in Education Examination


Christ Church Secondary School

GCE N(A) Level - ELMAB3 - 9 points

Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement 2011


Ministry of Education

Awarded to students for being the top 25% in terms of academic performance in the level and stream/course and good conduct in school.

1st in Principles of Accounts


Christ Church Secondary School

1st in Principles of Accounts Secondary Three Normal (Academic)

Co-Curricular Activities & Achievements

IT Youth Award 2017 – Finalist

March 2017

Singapore Computer Society

The IT Youth Award is a highly acclaimed, award that recognises and honours youths 25 years and below for their shown outstanding achievements in innovations, research undertakings and projects in the Infocomm and digital media arena.

Nanyang Polytechnic recognised my leadership and accomplishments and was nominated for the IT Youth Award 2017. I was one of the finalists for the recognition of my outstanding IT commitments.

"i.Code i.Tell" 2017 – Excellence Award (1st Runner Up)

Jan 2017

Nanyang Polytechnic

I participated in the Nanyang Polytechnic inaugural "i.Code i.Tell" competition where students pit their entrepreneurial ideas against their peer.

I was awarded the Excellence Award (Most Innovative Project).

16th APITCA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Awards 2016 – Merit Award

Dec 2016


The APICTA Awards is an international awards program which aims to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide by providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs.

I represented Singapore in the tertiary student category in this competition held in Taipei, Taiwan and won the Merit Award (2nd Place).

2016 Crowdsensor Smart Nation Competition – Winner

Dec 2016


CrowdSensor is a collaboration between the RAHS Programme Office and Cognitive Edge. As part of IRAHSS’ aims to promote active dialogue and sharing of methods, concepts and technologies, CrowdSensor is the attempt to build an active network of collaborators, partners and like-minded intellectuals who will become part of a bespoke human sensor network.

I won the award of trends that represent opportunities for Singapore.

SiTF Awards 2016 – Gold Award (Emotional Analysis Buddy)

Oct 2016

SGTech (formerly SiTF)

SiTF Awards was inaugurated in 2009 by Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). This award, championed by the industry, is an important accolade for made-in Singapore infocomm innovations.

I was awarded the Gold Award in the Best Innovative ICM Student Project (Tertiary) category.

Splash Awards 2016 – 1st Runner Up

Aug 2016

Singapore Computer Society (SCS) & Singtel

The theme for Splash Awards 2016 is Cyber-Wellness. The Splash Awards is a national Infocomm competition for students ranging from secondary schools to tertiary institutions. It provides a platform to engage students through various aspects of Infocomm technology in a fun and creative way.

My team, iCreative (Emotion Buddy) won 1st runner up in this competition.

code::XtremeApps:: 2016 – Finalist

Aug 2016

ITSC & IDA Singapore

The theme of code::XtremeApps:: 2016 open category is FinTech: The Next Ten Years. Participating teams are given 24 hours to complete a project that responds to at least one of the given challenge statements.

My team, iCreative, emerged as one of the finalists among the top 11 teams.

Youth Entrepreneurs Competition (YEC) 2016 – 2nd Runner Up

Jul 2016

Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC)

The competition aims to promote social entrepreneurship and community leadership development among young people in Singapore with the sales proceeds to be donated to SDC's adopted charity, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, as well as the charities selected by the teams.

My team, iDesired won 2nd Runner Up in Category B (Tertiary Students).

"i.Code i.Tell" 2016 – Excellence Award (1st Runner Up)

Nov 2015

Nanyang Polytechnic

I participated in Nanyang Polytechnic inaugural "i.Code i.Tell" competition where students pit their entrepreneurial ideas against their peer.

I was awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award (Best Startup Pitch).


ÇaVa? (“How are you?” in French)

ÇaVa? (formerly known as Emotion(al) Analysis Buddy (EAB) / EmotionBuddy) is a self-management mobile and web solutions which aim to aid the management of emotional stress. It analyses the individual's stress levels through the user's smartphone keyboard inputs (i.e., text messages and social media posts). It identifies patterns in real-time and notify the user on his/her emotional state as well as accumulates observations over time. If a persistent negative pattern is identified, ÇaVa? will bridge the users and their family members and schools.

This project started as a solo social entrepreneurship, final year project during my studies in NYP. It has won SiTF Awards 2016 (Gold Award), 16th APICTA Awards (Merit Award) and Splash Awards 2016 (1st Runner Up).
This project was then rebranded and further enhanced during Orbital Project during my studies in NUS, with the integration of Firestore Cloud Database, online dashboard system via React.js as well as the chat bot using Alice Bot 2.0.

Technologies Used: Android (Java), React.js, Firebase, TwinWord API and Alice Bot 2.0.

View Demonstration Video


SafeDrive is a car insurance smart pricing model solution that caters to different drivers and reduces fraud. It pairs up with a Bluetooth beacon, which is to be installed on every vehicle to help identify the driver's vehicle when driving to prevent mishandling and inaccurate data collection. It utilised the smartphone's GPS and accelerometer to detect the vehicle's speed, the number of sharp turns, speeding offences and distance travelled. The data collected are then classified into a "Driver Safety Index System", which is used to classify user to the different banding.

I co-developed this application with my teammates within 24 hours during the code::XtremeApps:: 2016 and we reached the final judging round.

Technologies Used: Android (Java), Firebase, Tableau and Estimote.

Academic Projects

Database Systems Project

The objective is to develop a web-based database application for pet caring service (PCS). The PCS application allows pet owner to search for care takers for their pets for certain periods of time. We are also required to come up with three interesting SQL triggers and complex queries to demonstrate our SQL capabilities.

Key Features:
  1. Auto Reassignment of Caretaker upon Deletion
  2. Auto Rejection of Overlapping Bids upon Acceptance
  3. Notification Trigger upon Bid Acceptance
  4. Search of Caretakers who are are available to take care of all the Pet Owner's Pets
  5. Retrieval of the Star Performer Caretakers
  6. Retrieval of Caretakers' Salary

Technologies Used:
React.js, PostgreSQL (AWS RDS), Node.js, Express.js and Heroku

Business Informatics Project

The objective is to simulate a real business use case and come up with real world solution using Information Technology. We had to come up with a business proposal, value proposition canvas, business model canvas as well as IT solution to our business idea. My group proposed an business idea known as Virtualities, where we focus on enhancing existing e-Commerce by integrating various technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), location-based GPS recommendation and many more. I played the role of the leader and was awarded distinction grade for the project.

Key Features:
  1. Virtual Reality (VR) e-Commerce Platform (allows trying out of clothes virtually)
  2. On-the-go demand notification (sending recommended products through mobile app)
  3. Nearby Promotion Notification ('Pokemon Go' concept of sending coupons to user nearby the vendor's store)
  4. Analytics (enhanced filters and sorting through Tableau)
  5. Real-time delivery updates mobile app with Fingerprint Authentication

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET C#, Microsoft Azure (Database & Cloud Services), Unity (C#), Android (Java), Ionic and Tableau

Enterprise Application and Development & Project

The project aims to develop B2B websites using ASP.NET C# Web Forms. We are expected to follow the 3-tier architecture, create our web services, and incorporate the software engineering practices. We were tasked to develop two websites (B2C e-Commerce and B2B Supplier) based on bags supplies, utilizing the Microsoft Azure Services (WebApp, Database and Cloud Service). I played the role of the leader and was awarded distinction grade for the project.

Key Features:
  1. Secured Login System (Azure Active Directory)
  2. Real-time data and notification (Signal R)
  3. Real-time Delivery Order updates mobile app with signature acknowledgement
  4. Administrator Application (Xamarin Forms)

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET C# Web Forms, Microsoft Azure (Database, Cloud Services & Active Directory), Xamarin C# (Android, iOS & Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1), Xamarin Forms and Signal R

E-Business & Project

The objective is to design an e-Business Website using ASP.NET C# Web Forms. We have choosen to developed an online shoe e-commerce website. On top of that, we incorporate an Android Mobile App as part of the Delivery System, which links to our website's database hosted in Azure. I played the role of the leader and was awarded distinction grade for the project.

Key Features:
  1. Delivery Order System Mobile App with real-time status updates & signature acknowledgement
  2. Incorporation of Microsoft Azure Database

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET C# Web Forms, Microsoft Azure Database and Android (Java)

Object-Oriented Programming & Project

The project aims to apply object-oriented concepts (Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism) to develop solution using Java and Swing GUI.

My team developed an application to fit the theme of shopping mall usability known as the Digital Announcement Board - an all in one kiosk system that allows shoppers to get various information. Information includes Singapore news, shopping mall announcements/events, and movies availability and more. We incorporated additional features such as tapping on existing web services to retrieve the current weather forecast and real-time currency exchange rates. I played the role of the leader and was awarded distinction grade for the project.

Technologies Used:
Java (Swing GUI) and MySQL


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